Wouldn't Believe It

from by Boone Howard



well I’ve heard rumors ‘bout the way I talk
about the stupid things that I do
well would you call it a rumor if
everybody knows it’s true?
and I’ve heard rumors that my vision’s blowing
like a picture frame in the wind
I wouldn’t believe it except I’m certain
seems like the state I’m in

you see me out walking with a certain type
just what else do you expect me to do?
well wouldn’t you jump in the water man
if somebody brought it to you?
how many distant souls can you fit up your nose?
tonight it seems like more than a few
the grass will be green over this entire scene
when you get back to what it is you’re supposed to do


from The Other Side Of Town, released May 12, 2017


tags: rock Portland


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Boone Howard Portland, Oregon

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